Melissa Miller Graces the July/August 2019 Cover of ‘Survivor’s Edge’

The July/August 2019 issue of Survivor’s Edge hits the newsstands and mailboxes June 25, 2019. It is filled with the unique and helpful tips, sage advice, and practical instructions for surviving a prepared life that you’ve grown to expect from the bimonthly publication. The editors of this issue went above and beyond by including an in-depth interview with the survival world’s latest rising star in the survival scene: Melissa Miller. In it, seasoned writing vet Michael D’Angona delves into Miller’s life, discussing everything from her aversion to dolls and tea parties as a child to her affinity to experiencing all of the outdoors. She shares worldly advice about the survival mentality and details about her daily carry gear. “There is always a knife,” she says in the interview. “Usually multiple knives in close range on my body.”

Melissa Miller: Rising Star

Miller’s career rocketed into the public limelight after her multiple appearances on the immensely popular reality show “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery Channel. With her lifetime of experience and encyclopedic knowledge of the outdoors, she parlayed that success into a wide range of opportunities, from reviewing survival gear on her Instagram account to teaching wilderness survival, foraging and plant identification at a Michigan nature preserve. What is in store for Miller’s future? Check out the interview in Survivor’s Edge and find out.

Excerpt from the Interview: Miller’s Favorite Weapons

“For a bow, it is my Bear Kodiak Hunter Recurve, made in the mid-1970s. It is left-handed and a 45-pound draw. I actually bought it on eBay for dirt cheap, around $160, and it came with some arrows and a bow quiver, all in really good condition, which was a real steal! I quickly learned how to shoot with that bow and took it with me to South Africa as my item. (In the 40-day challenge, we each are allowed one item and one blade per individual survivalist.)

“The knife that I cherish the most is my Fieldcraft Brothers of Bushcraft by Tops Knives. It was the first ‘expensive’ knife I had ever owned. It was a birthday present a few years ago from my boyfriend, when he took me to a knife expo. I used it constantly just about everywhere, and I eventually took it with me to South Africa for my 40-day challenge. When I first got that knife, I started to increase knife use in the field and in everyday life. I soon realized how much a quality knife can help you. It really started to fuel my knife passion, and it was that passion that guided me toward my work within the knife industry today. This only confirmed my thoughts that a knife was truly the primary tool I needed to make it through a survival situation.”

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