Mysterious Illness Kills Healthy Couple Vacationing in Fiji

A seemingly healthy Texas couple were on a dream vacation in Fiji two weeks ago. A day before they were scheduled to return, both David and Michelle Paul complained of feeling unwell. “They knew something was going on in their body and were able to get to the hospital,” Michelle’s sister-in-law Tracey Calanog told a local TV station.

According to Calanog, Michelle died first. Then David died, but before he could be airlifted to Australia for possible treatment for the mysterious illness.

Mysterious Illness Investigated

An investigation into the cause of their deaths is ongoing. A recent World Health Organization alert warns of a deadly influenza strain. This warning includes Fiji where it is “particularly affecting young adults.” A U.S. Department of State official confirmed the deaths of Michelle and David Paul in Fiji. The representative said they were monitoring the investigation.

The couple’s children were with relatives, but their dachshund Zooey was left at an unknown kennel and could not immediately be located.

David was an Air Force veteran. He and his wife loved to travel and tried to get away on annual trips for just the two of them. The couple’s remains cannot be returned to the United States until a cause of death is determined. If this mysterious illness is an infectious disease—which is likely—their bodies will have to be cremated.

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